Holiday Surprises

With Minty Duds’ ( first holiday shopping season behind us, we thought it was time to take a dive into some of the numbers. We like numbers a lot so this is kind of a late holiday gift to ourselves (yes, really). We saw a lot more female shoppers during the holiday season, and it turns out the women in our lives are pretty darn generous and were working hard to find us a nice gift!

Minty Duds is a men’s fashion shopping engine, but that doesn’t mean all our shoppers are male of course. Normally we see about a 70% to 30% male/female split, but as you might expect we saw a lot more women during the holiday shopping season — that number jumped up to 40% female during the holiday. That jump combined with a higher level of pages per visit by women lead to the site actually serving more content to women than men during the holiday season!

Normally we find that men and women click to buy items from the site at the same conversion rate (around 3.5%), the main difference being that the women click around more before they buy — on average abound 60% more pages visited. However that gap grew even more pronounced during the holiday, so much so that women were looking at 230% more pages per visit than men! That’s some pretty lazy clicking by us guys.

We didn’t see much change in men’s behavior on the site during the holiday, but in addition to looking at more pages, women were converting at a much higher rate (40% higher) and most interestingly really upping the dollar value on what they clicked “buy” on. Outside the holiday women were buying items of roughly the same dollar value as men, just slightly lower. However during the holiday they jumped up $67 per item and leapfrogged the men’s number! So basically we’re guessing not a lot of tube socks were received this year!

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