Spin the Wheel (of Colours), Get Lucky?

When you pick that perfect outfit to make a great first impression, don’t forget that colours really matter! Colours talk to us on all levels — Are you open to conversation? Is getting lucky the only thing on your mind? Are you ready to start over and have a new beginning? Do you want to take charge?

Let’s take a few minutes and think about what your favorite colour says. Time to spin the big wheel of colours and see what your future holds!


Timeless, Authoritative, Thinning?
Personality: Attention Loving

You’ve landed on black! If every other color that follows is the new black, then what’s black?

Black is the colour of authority and power. It also conveys that you are highly sexual and committed to a relationship. You may not show your emotions openly because unconsciously you have already made your decision. Black is elegant and stylish, though too much can make you appear unapproachable.


Confident, Sophisticated, Creating Expectations
Personality: Dependable

You’ve stopped on gray, or maybe it’s winter and you’re just looking outside?

Gray is the colour for security. In a relationship, your partner can count on you to be reliable. Some might say you are a little boring, but you are practical and never caught up in the drama of life. A perfect life would be one where things are balanced and drawn on the classics. Gray is the perfect neutral, so designers often use it as background.


Clean, Simple, Cheerful, Enabling Fresh Beginnings
Personality: Easy-going

You’ve landed on white! Or maybe they just forgot to colour in this square?

White is the colour that projects the simplicity of life. You carry a great passion for truth and innocence while you find the most unexpected peace in unusual places. You are a dreamer that keeps things simple and pure. Wearing white projects a level of cleanliness and simplicity.


Intense, Aggressive, Full of Energy
Personality: Extroverted

Red is the colour for passion, fire, and strength. Seeing someone in red causes the heart to beat faster and breathing to become heavy. Sadly, you find yourself prone to falling to lust over long committed relationships, but that is fine with you since obtaining power is your life’s goal.


 Active, Conversational, Stimulating Appetite
Personality: Stubborn

You thought you were going to land on red, but you’ve clicked one more space over to orange!

Orange is intense and strong; you have your opinions and you are willing to fight for them! On the other hand, orange is a colour people around you are strongly attracted to- and as a result, they find you very friendly. Orange is the colour to wear if you want to go out and have a long meal and great conversation.


yellow yellow yellow yellow

Concentrated, Intelligent, Stimulating the memory
Personality: Extroverted

Yellow is the colour for intelligence and charm. Happiness is something that comes way too easily for you, and your friends often think of you as a ray of sunshine. You enjoy learning and want to share your knowledge with all the people around you. Be careful though, the person who really loves yellow has a tendency to be jealous in a relationship and deceit can follow closely around that corner.


green green Green Green

Refreshing, Complex, Alleviating Depression
Personality: Stubborn

You’ve landed on green! Do pass Go, do collect $200!

Green is the colour for fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Green is a colour for good luck. Nature is likely the place where you feel the most comfortable and you have a great ability to calm and soothe the people around you. Dark Green is one of the most masculine colours and for the western world has always implied wealth.


Peaceful, Calming, Aiding Intuition
Personality: Introverted

Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky and perhaps the most popular of colours. Most stylists recommend wearing blue for a job interview because it symbolizes that you are loyal, dependable, and in control. In a relationships you are patient and dependable, but can have a tendency to be a little cold inside.


purple purple purple

Creative, Luxurious, Romantic
Personality: Introverted

Purple is the colour that people associate with royalty, luxury, wealth, romance and sophistication. Purple is the balance of both red and purple personality; while red stimulates, blue will calm. Creativity is something that you pride yourself in all aspects of your life. Your partners always can trust that you will be faithful.


brown brown

 Solid, Stable, Reliable
Personality: Introverted

Our final space on the wheel today is brown, though of course the real wheel of colors has infinite variety, so don’t stop here.

Brown is the colour that is most associated with someone that is grounded. You are a friend who will always be there even when the going gets rough. Some may see you as a sad person, but you are comfortable in your own skin. You don’t desire drama in your life or flashy objects; you want stability. Brown shows to your friends that you are easy-going and lovable.

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