The 12th Doctor’s Outfit — What’s a Crombie?

The BBC has just released the first picture of the Twelfth Doctor’s outfit. As Peter Capaldi, the new¬†Doctor himself says, “No frills, no scarf, no messing”.



By “frills” one would assume he means a fez or bow tie, and we all know the scarf! Unlike some other recent iconic pieces of Doctor Who fashion however many of the pieces here are quite easily available.

The Coat
The “Crombie“, despite perhaps sounding to our American ears like a treat the Doctor might hand out (jammie dodgers and jelly babies anyone?) is a classic British coat with an interesting history dating back to 1805. Most Crombie-style coats you’ll commonly come across today are not made by Crombie themselves but other British labels such as Ben Sherman or Topman.

The red lining is pehaps a little more challenging to match, but could be tailored into any existing coat fairly easily (not that I could do it). Eventually we should expect identical licensed matches like we have for the Tenth Doctor’s Coat from

The Shoes
Wingtip Dr. Martens are also pretty easy to find. These in particular are a variety with a very high polish, but without the iconic yellow stitching. Very similar to the “black polished wyoming” variety here.

The black pants (ok, trousers) and white shirt are pretty self-explanatory. All combined it makes a very classic style that would fit in nearly any time, although the coat & shoes most closely resemble 60s mod or 70s skinhead fashion rather than the more victorian style of the eleventh Doctor’s recent purple frock coat. So we get an older doctor, but with more modern styling!


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