Spring 2014 Looks

Hey, here come our new looks for Spring 2014!

Primary Colors

primary-colorsSo what are  primary colors? They’re the basic colors that you can get all other colors from by mixing. That part is easy, we all knew that, right? It depends how you’re doing the mixing though. Wikipedia says they are red, green & blue assuming you are doing “additive” overlapping colors like an old CRT monitor. It also says maybe it’s cyan, magenta and yellow if you’re doing subtractive color mixing like your printer. Let’s forget CMY though, since I don’t think there are a lot of t-shirts sold labelled as cyan & magenta and printers are annoying.

My 8th-grade art teacher said they were red, yellow & blue. That is confirmed here by OK Go & Sesame Street, which I’d say trumps any printer. So we’ll go with Red, Yellow, Blue & Green and keep our scientific, artistic & psychological bases covered.

Tailored Shorts


Once reserved for weekend wear, shorts are slowly becoming office-appropriate when teamed with dress shoes, jackets, and ties. Note that this does not mean we endorse cargo shorts with two phones and an iPod mini in them. To pull off this look make sure your shorts are tailored and that you aren’t wearing them with socks or (even worse) socks & sandals.

Varsity Jackets

jacketsLooking for a new spring jacket? Look no further, there are plenty of variations on this theme — from the traditional preppy varsity jackets to sleek bomber jackets to leather baseball jackets. The definitional lines are pretty blurry this year; we’re seeing plenty of mix & matching between signature components of these three classic types of lighter jackets. The possible exception being that the signature school letter motif doesn’t make it too far away from the traditional letterman’s-style jacket.

In other words if you sew a big letter on this Hype Jellyfish bomber jacket people are going to think you’re weird. So y’know, go for it.

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