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When a Fedora That Isn’t a Fedora Is a Fedora.

Maybe you’re aware of the long-standing controversy over what is a fedora and what isn’t, and what’s wrong or not wrong with the people that wear them. Or maybe you have better & more productive things to do with your time, like watching paint dry.┬áSince I don’t have any fresh paint to inspect at the […]

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Dream CLosets

Clean Your Closet!

  Don’t you hate it when an unlikely confluence of events makes it too hard to procrastinate any more? It had to happen eventually: Rainy Saturday afternoon. Nothing on TV. Nobody wants to just hang out. No deadlines or catch-up work. Time to clean the closet? You know all those carefully orchestrated piles of stuff […]

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Spring 2014 Looks

Hey, here come our new looks for Spring 2014! Primary Colors So what are ┬áprimary colors? They’re the basic colors that you can get all other colors from by mixing. That part is easy, we all knew that, right? It depends how you’re doing the mixing though. Wikipedia says they are red, green & blue […]

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