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Spin the Wheel (of Colours), Get Lucky?

When you pick that perfect outfit to make a great first impression, don’t forget that colours really matter! Colours talk to us on all levels — Are you open to conversation? Is getting lucky the only thing on your mind? Are you ready to start over and have a new beginning? Do you want to […]

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Manket Fever

At first, I couldn’t see why people got so acerbic over this winter’s Manket outbreak. Actually, I thought that the Manket seemed a perfectly reasonable fashion reaction to the deep freeze that froze so much of the Northern Hemisphere over the past few months. After all, one might say:  “A manket? Why, that is just […]

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The Common Belt

When push comes to shove, a belt is a strip of material that is worn around the waist. It holds up your clothes, helps you carry your wallet and/or tools, holds your gun, or it can just be a decoration for your hips. A belt can also serve as a symbol of rank for a […]

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